About Pars Inox

Pars Inox Company "World Metals and Machinery Trading" is a long-standing business group in the field of commercial services related to "stainless steel" metals and spring production machinery. "Trade of the global market of metals and machinery" is based on two decades of continuous activity and experience and with the use of centralized management and expert and experienced forces, and on the basis of strong and intelligent communication, it covers all kinds of business operations. "Minimum time and cost", "strict adherence to the principles of honesty and trustworthiness" and "knowledge of the latest commercial and customs laws and regulations" are among the fundamental rules that this company puts at the forefront of all its services to "good reputation" and "trust" "which he has received from his loyal customers will last forever




working hours

9 am to 5 pm Iran time


Tehran - Kilometer 4 of Fatah Highway - Iran Steel Trade Center - 1st Floor - Unit 310





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